Spring Water Hose


It is the first Idroeasy response to the canvas hoses market with an Italian patent completely new  Spring Water Hose meets all the needs of the consumer.

It stretches with water pressure without altering its shape and composition at rest. Ideal for those who want to take care of green spaces, large or small, effortlessly and with versatility for home and professional purposes.

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Spring Water Hose: less stress more relax

Why use heavy and uncomfortable plastic garden hoses, when you can water without effort and simply open the water tap? Idroeasy has devised an ingenious manual irrigation system to meet the needs of all consumers. Spring Water Hose has the features you are looking for in a hose for irrigation.

Given that it stretches with the water pressure:

-you won’t need to make efforts to move it, because it is light;

-you won’t need to find an ample space to store it because it is compact and space-saving, you can place it easily and take it on the road, camping, camper or boat;

-you won’t need to change water connection to reach every part of your garden, but you will arrive easily anywhere;

-you won’t waste time to unravel it because it does not create knots or folds and does not twist

-you won’t need to rewind it and it is not necessary a trolley, because simply closing the flow of water, the hose slowly and automatically returns to its original length;

-you won’t need to patch it, because it is resistant to abrasion and thorns;

-it does not change with the use because durable, thanks to the internal structure.

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The internal structure makes it lighter, handy and easy to carry

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It doesn't twist and it doesn't fold. Easy to roll and to handle

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100% Made in Italy with first quality products

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The materials used for the production are of the first quality and no toxic

Two parts, one solution


Spring Water Hose has an internal structure composed of two parts. The internal layer, called “anima”, is an elastic and flexible module, which extends when the water passes through the hose. The external layer, thanks to its spiral configuration, has a protective function of the internal part of the hose. This unique structure, allows the hose to achieve nearly twice the length that has at rest, when the water flows along the hose. When you close the water and slowly the pressure ceases to act on the extension, the hose slowly returns to its original size and without altering the structure. The extension capacity does not change with use over time, it will keep to expand without problems. After the closure of the water flow, of course, the hose will release the water that was inside; therefore, you have to remember to empty it before storing.

Accessories: for a better performance

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Spring Water hose is equipped with two fittings that are included in the package, adaptable to any faucet with quick coupling. Furthermore, it is also supplied to a 6 functions nozzle, which allows an efficient use of the hose and greater adaptability. As for the Magic Soft Hose, also for Spring Water Hose is provided a multifunction watering gun. This gun, available in different colors, has versatile functions for 8 different purpose of use. If for example, the jet is delicate for watering plants, the strong single jet can be chosen to clean the car, the motor-scooter or by outdoor objects, such as chairs and plastic tables; the average power jet can be used to wash the dog; and yet, the oblique jet, can help to water the flowerbed plants are difficult to reach and put under other plants. The gun also has a metal latch that allows the water flow to continue to pour without having to hold down the handle. Finally, to place best the hose in a small space and to have it always available when needed, Idroeasy has realized a hose support of hard plastic, which can be fixed either to the wall or hooked to the water tap.


avvertenze-Put the hose under pressure only during its use, do not leave it unattended and under pressure for long periods;

-Close the tap after use and let the water leak out. Outdoors use only.

-Not suitable for food use;

-Do not leave the hose exposed in the sun for long periods;

-After use store in a shady place.