Magic Soft Smart


Magic Soft Sm@rt hose by Idroeasy,  extends thanks to the water pressure and it shrinks back in no time to its original shape after use. A new patented structure completely Made in Italy. Its composite material is able to guarantee an 3X extension and it can reach measures from 7,5, 15, 22,5 and 30 mt.

A very interesting feature is that it can be cut and remount. Its structure allows the hose to be anti kink and anti torsion. Each hose is packed into a multi color bag to be reused as you like. Every packaging includes already a nozzle and a couple of fittings compatible with all the accessories. A unique hose!

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Mean Features:

  • Expandable up to 3X through the water pressure
  • 100% Made in Italy
  • Lightweight, flexible and long lasting
  • Anti Kink & Anti Torsion
  • Innovative , ecological and compact packaging
  • Includes 2 patented fittings compatible with all the garden accessories
  • Non toxic
  • Worldwide patented

Why choose Magic  Soft?

  • ›Flexible and light
  • Patented – 100% Made in Italy
  • ›Expandable from 2,5X up to 3X
  • ›Anti-kink & anti-torsion structure
  • ›Includes 2 universal fittings
  • ›6 functions nozzle included
  • ›Not just for garden, but also camper, boat, terrace, balcony…
  • ›Fashionable and innovative packing included in the set
  • ›Reusable and eco friendly packing solution – second life

Packaging: Plastic Bag

  • Innovative packaging second life: reusable plastic bag
  • Space saving
  • Ecological
  • Light
  • Multicolor- it matches the hose color
  • Bag available in green, white and grey

mix color smart

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