Magic Soft Hose



Magic Soft Hose, the latest generation of elastic hose guarantees great quality and versatility.

Aimed at saving time and space, it has been created by Idroeasy to easily reach every corner of your garden. The innovative patented internal structure, the automatic expansion of the hose with the water pressure and the watering gun with different opening options, make it an indispensable tool in the garden. Light, handy and space saving makes your outdoor experience relaxing and regenerative!

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The ideal helper: discover the characteristics

Magic Soft Hose, the extendable hose with innovative and original features that make it a unique helper:

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It is lighter then traditional plastic hoses and it offers a better performance

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The Magic Soft structure is extendable, flexible, anti torsion and you don't need to unravel it

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Thanks to its internal structure, it can be cut and refit as you like

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The whole manufacture process takes place in Italy with first quality material

The instrument for the irrigation of which you can not do without

Idroeasy wanted to create a tool for the water that was not only flexible and extendable, but also extremely easy to handle. An irrigation hose suitable for any purpose, for professional and home use, which is simple, light and flexible. Magic Soft Hose stands out in versatility to meet any requirement, since you can cut and join it as you like. Compared to the old plastic hoses, Magic Soft Hose is long-lasting and resistant to thorns and abrasions. Magic Soft Hose is space-saving, can be stored easily in any container or outdoor furniture; it is easy to carry if you go to travel, camping, on a camper or travel by boat. It’s ecological, thanks to its essential packaging we have kept to the minimum material waste. The plastic packaging easily contains the two fittings and the nozzle to always have available handy accessories. Given that the components used for the hose production are of first quality, it is not toxic and does not contain harmful substances.

Patented internal structure: Extension Quality

Magic Soft Hose is unique: its two components, the elastic module and the extension, they are welded together. This composition allows the Magic Soft Hose to be:

1-Extendable: it generates a large longitudinal expansion

2-Secure: it increases the hose resistance to the water pressure

3-Does not deform: leaves unchanged the compactness once the flow ceases, it allows the hose to regain its original shape

4-customizable: the hose can be cut and linked as you like

Accessories: to ensure a quick and easy use


The accessories designed for Magic Soft Hose are easy to apply and include: 2 fittings, a nozzle and a multifunction watering gun. The fittings are universal, perfectly adaptable to any type of tap or water connection and are easy to link to the hose. Another accessory is the nozzle, perfectly compatible to the fittings, has 6 different functions. The ergonomic watering gun has 8 different functions depending on the use, it does not only change the power and type of jet, but also the direction, which is horizontal and oblique, to make easier the use without having to bend or stretch to reach the most unreachable corner of your garden. The watering gun also has a metal latch that allows the water flow to continue to pour without having to hold down the handle.


avvertenze-Put the hose under pressure only during its use, do not leave it unattended and under pressure for long periods;

-Close the tap after use and let the water leak out. Outdoors use only.

-Not suitable for food use;

-Do not leave the hose exposed in the sun for long periods;

-After use store in a shady place.